Thursday, January 13, 2011

What "DAYZ" is it?

Been kind of a crazy day. Between the snow, the cold and the local drivers I'm about to scream.  My sons school does not plow their parking lot, sidewalk or entrance to his classroom. Try going from car to building with 2 little ones without either of them getting their pants and shoes soaking wet. The school has to be located in the windiest part of town. Granted, it's literally on Lake Erie. That wind is crazy.  

Lake Erie. Avon Lake, Ohio
 On top of that the drivers here in NE Ohio (and I've said this before a thousand times) are worse than New Jersey drivers (remember I'm a New Yorker). Bottom line? They don't  signal any lane changes, turns or otherwise.  They will however come to a full stop at a 4 way stop when there is no one else in the intersection.  Don't you know I am always the person behind the solo car that makes the complete stop, the 3 second stop. 

Been kind of frustrated today because I am waiting for answers to three questions I asked three different people.  None of them have gotten back to me. That too drives me crazy. "I'll call you right back Joe"  Two days later I hear from them.  Must be something in the air today that's affecting me.  I know exactly what will help my mood. 
Photoshop. ;)

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