Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking to the Future !!!

It's 40º out this morning. That's a big jump from the 11º and 12º days we've been waking up to. Nice to catch a break every now and then.  
    I'm happy to say that I have some big jobs coming up.  I am shooting a series of products for a company in Brook Park, Ohio in the coming weeks. It should be a 12 hour day and I can't wait.   I am then shooting ( waiting for the signed contract to arrive in the mail ) a corporate awards dinner in Elyria, Ohio for a major corporation.  In March I may be heading to NYC for a weekend shoot in and around town. Will probably spend most of that time in Manhattan.  I may sneak away to the mountains of Upstate NY. I have several weddings schedule in the coming months as well.  One of them may be in Long Island, NY..Have to figure out some details and see if it will happen.  In the meantime I am sitting on pins and needles for the April trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio for a shoot called 
"Shoot The Hills".  
   I have met some very nice people from the Photography Club I have joined.  I'm glad I took the time to answer an email that was sent my way.   It's with some of these people I am attending the weekend shoot in April.  
Thanks guys..

My boys at a recent outing.

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