Saturday, January 8, 2011

I just want to........

Remember when you were a kid and that big Little League game was a week away? During breakfast,  all you could do was think of  how you were going to make that spectacular play. Perhaps strike out the last batter with the tying run on 3rd base, or hit the game winning home run.  Maybe it was that special toy you wished Santa would bring and you waited and waited for it. Those were special days for kids. The anticipation of wanting to do something or wanting something.

      That's how I feel as a photographer who is a full time stay at home dad.  All I want to do is go shoot pictures. My mind is always thinking of what to shoot. Always reading books on how to learn more about photography.  The pictures I have been posting are pictures I have taken some time ago (with the exception perhaps of my boys).  My family and I are driving cross country this Spring.  One of our stops in The Grand Canyon. I am like that little boy who can't wait.

Besides being a stay at home dad,  I also live in NE Ohio. Our winters are long, gray and cold. Not much to shoot during those cold months in NE Ohio.  Come April it's outside everyday. My boys are at that age that doesn't allow for nice strolls through the parks anymore. Those were great times having both of them in their stroller and walking for hours in our Metro Parks.  My sons frequently ask me, "daddy, can you take my pictures?" (I have a studio set up in the house).  They are good models but they love to move while I hit that shutter button.

   I received a phone call from a friend just before the Holiday's asking if I could take product shots for him.  He is putting together a new web site and needs all his products posted on it.  I went to meet him this week to see what is involved and it's a big job.  I am looking forward to getting that done for him. That will expand my portfolio and give me the exposure and experience needed to further my career (especially with regard to product photography).  See you guys soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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